Lasertag at Bullswood in Surrey, Sussex & kent:

Bullswood Skirmish - the most exciting Lasertag in the Surrey, Sussex and Kent area:

Here at Bullswood we specialise in the highest quality, most exciting lasertag gaming you can imagine - from our *award winning "Starr Warrs" gamezones, increadible facilities, Lasertag guns and staff that really care, we go the extra mile to stand out as a **Premium Venue!

We offer 3 sessions per day, 9.30 - 11.30, 12.00 - 2.00, 2.15 - 4.15 for ages 7 and above. Mimimium group size is 10 and all Lasertag parties are private - just yourselves with a dedicated team of staff looking after you - perfect. We also take photos of your Lasertag session which are free to download as well as certificates for lasertaggers who were really good or just plain crazy!

Getting shot is harmless - there is no impact - each time you take a hit your gun simply shuts down for 2 seconds (just enough time to take cover), when you have taken 5 hits your equipment lets out a scream and you are out for 1 minute - then you are automatically re-spawned and back into the action!

Skirmish Bullswood Lasertag key features:

*Aged 7+
*Only £22 per player all inclusive
*Award Winning Venue
*Machine Pistols & Sniper Rifles
*Unlimited ammo
*Outstanding Game Zones
*Free camo gear & refreshments
*Photos and awards included in your day

Bullswood Skirmish Lasertag Itinary:

A typical itinery for a 12.00 game would be arrival here at Bullswood Skirmish Laser Games at around 11.45 - allowing time for stagglers, dressing up in camo gear and grabbing tea and Coffee, a short safety and rule briefing commences at around 12.05 with introduction to the staff, facilities and how to operate the Laser Guns before explaining sample game missions. Then its out into the woodland (Our Laser Tag arena is totally separate and netted off from our Paintballing zones) for up to 8 different games - working as both teams and individuals. We either break for refreshments halway through or battle straight through - we`ll ask you on the day! As ever we award certificates to the best/funniest/most entertaining players of the day! We Finnish up at around 2.00pm - give or take!

Surrey Laser Tag Prices: £22 per player

All our Lasertag sessions include camo gear, Laser Tag Gun, holster, all equipment and refreshments - feel free to bring cakes etc. *If you require hotdogs for your group they are an additional £2 per head and must be booked in advance. **There is no price for extra ammo - its unlimited!!!

Bullswood Laser Tag reccomendations:

"My boys just loved it - they just want to come back again!" Caroline Yeandle, Mum and Laser Tag organiser.

"Its really cool, just like playing a computer game for real" Gus Farnden, Laser Tag player, aged 9

"You can hit people really far away, just like being a sniper - I like excitement" Rory Hooks, Laser Tag Player, aged 12

"I`ve plated Lasertag indoors and this is soooooo much better - you can`t compare it!" Brad Clayton, Laser Tag player and organiser

To make a Lasertag booking here at Bullswood Skirmish either fill out the contact form or email us at or call Clare & Dan on 01342 870870 - we`ll be hear to help.

Skirmish Laser Tag - the finest Lasertag venues in the UK!