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Laser Tag Equipment

Skirmish Laser Tag - Only the most up-to-date gear available:

Lasertag is more than just laser guns - but they are the key to great Lasertag session. As well as cammo and head gear, each player will be equiped with either a machine pistol or a sniper rifle - depending on the venue - sometimes both! Rabge and accuracy are outstanding with our laser guns - if you can see them, you can hit them, they`re that good! Programming varies on the venue and game, but machine pistols tend to fire 3 shot bursts and sniper rifles are semi-auto, but with built in stocks and scopes it easier to pick players off at range.

At our *Premium venues you also have belts and holsters as well as free photos of your day and certificates for the most awesome Lasertaggers! !

Skirmish Laser Tag - the finest Lasertag venues in the UK!